Jill Wells


Jill has been an artist with our festival for all of our previous five years and is one of our previously awarded artists. She graduated from Drake University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine arts in Painting and Art History. Jill now makes her living as a full-time artist.


“I think about life more and art less. I believe painting is a profound form of communication and personal expression. The inspirations behind my brush, comes from everyday life and living in the moments...listening and responding through the power of visual arts. Like life, my art work evolves and changes in subject matter. My main objective is to have a conversation and communicate with my viewers. A conversation that can happen internally or externally. Either way, this is what I seek to do and am most happy to do so.”

Jill has a multitude of public murals in the area where people may enjoy her work, including the Blank Park Zoo, Iowa Lutheran Hospital, the Walnut Creek YMCA, the Annette Nature Center, the Creative Visions Center, Amos Hiatt Middle School, and St. Gregory Retreat Center.


E: waukeearts@gmail.com

P: 515-402-7870

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