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2019 Artist: Courtney Burch

"Sea of Color," by Courtney Burch of Cab's Media, a student artist whose talents we have watched develop during the several years she has been a part of our festival.

On our artist application we ask for an artist's mission statement.


"My artist mission is to keeping working on my artwork and become more of a business. This mission is very hard because I'm balancing two jobs and college at the moment. I want people to enjoy my art."

As artists, we have all been there. It is so hard to get started, and to keep going when you are young, or not so young, and trying to get to a place where what makes you thrive also keeps you alive.

The Waukee Area Arts Council exists to maintain a vibrant art scene in our growing community. The Waukee Arts Festival is one of those intersections we create where you can appreciate, enjoy, and acquire art by people like Courtney.

Join us. It's just a month away.

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