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2019 Artist: Jill Wells

We've been watching the works in progress over at to get a preview of what we hope Jill Wells will be bringing to the festival. And we're excited.

Jill has been an artist in the Waukee Arts Festival since we began and has been one of our awarded artists in prior years. You have likely seen her murals around town at places like the Des Moines Forest Avenue Library, Blank Park Zoo, or the Des Moines Symphony Academy in theTemple for the Performing Arts.

"I think about life more and art less. Painting is a profound form of communication and personal expression. The inspirations behind the brush come from everyday life and living in the moments, listening and responding with images. Like life, my art work evolves and changes in subject matter. My main objective to have a conversation and communicate with my viewers is my driving force. A conversation of questions and answers that can be done internally or externally with the viewer. Either way, this is what I seek to do and am most happy to do so."


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