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2019 Artists: Teryl Williams

"Rainbow of Love," by Teryl Williams of My Passio jewelry studio. Enamel glass over a copper base with sterling silver findings. Kiln fired multiple times at 1500°.

"Dreaming in a vivid and fluid like rainbow of color has always been what my daydreams entail. When I discovered enamel (fusing of glass to metal under high heat) and the ability to place what was dancing around in my imagination into jewelry, my passion for color exploded onto the canvas of metal/jewelry. The fire breathing over the glass, onto the metal and watching them become one, had me hooked with the purchase of my first torch. Eventually graduating to a kiln and respectfully named Fiery Fern. After thousands of pieces and hours spent in my studio, I am still mesmerized each time I open the kiln door and see the different color combinations that are brought to life."



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