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2019 Music: The Host Country

We have even more music for you!

The Host Country will be taking the main stage for an hour before The Nadas, from 6:30 to 7:30 on Saturday night of our festival.

Head over to if you need a preview of their sound, including their latest single, "Body."

Even better, you can catch them at the Des Moines Arts Festival playing the main stage on Friday night 6/28 from 5:00 to 6:15. We're declaring it "WAF Night" at the DSMAF and a bunch of artists, volunteers, and staff are going to meet up there to catch The Host Country performance and generally spread some WAF love around.

"The Host Country’s genre experimentation puts them in a category of their own. Their music is a fusion of folk, rock, and blues; a mix of raw and vulnerable, all combined with hauntingly passionate chord shifts. Dual writing credits between Ty Wistrand & Diana Weishaar put forth versatile songs that are evocative and intimate. Ty (guitar/vox), Diana (keys/vox), Tom Rue (bass), Ethan Weishaar (drums), and newly added member Michael Lovan (guitar) are musical storytellers and engaging performers on stage."

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