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2020 Artist: Mike Mittermeier

"IN0029" by Mike Mittermeier of Urbandale. Acrylic on Baltic birch panel, abstract, surreal nature impressions, landscapes, and wildlife. A unique interpretation with unique imaginative views.

Mike is a returning artist.

In their applications for the festival, artists don't always offer us as much insight into their development, inspiration, and process as Mike did. But we're glad he has.

"My father was a great inspiration to me. He was a natural and instilled in me the passion to be an artist who could design and illustrate anything. Growing up I still missed certain guidance and desperately searched but never really found the answer through dad. Questions I began to answer while gaining knowledge of anatomy, and how objects were built. I became ever observant of relationship to things that surrounded me and their purpose. I gained more knowledge of perspective, drawing and painting anything that interests me in the way of the arts. It made no difference, although nature and wildlife has been a slight favorite. Throughout my career as a professional illustrator, the subjects changed from day to day. Inspired by artists and mentors and educating myself, building my own techniques in watercolors and other mediums from standard applications. The question, “What if I tried this?” always gave me answers.

It was through this passion that helped me understand the media more clearly than if I had gone to any school or weekend workshop. It was through hands on experience in watercolors, acrylics and illustration which sharpened my compositions. It is through a vision with that of a child’s eyes, and through research that my subjects come to life.

I am currently focusing on an expression of myself. Topics of my experiences, dreams and love for nature are my focus for now. Who knows what direction I’ll choose next, my dreams change. There is an infinite source of subjects and little time. I scan my world forever arranging and sorting, choosing and editing. A process no one else may decide or make for me. My creative vocabulary has never been limited to one subject. My artistic voice is usually subtle and with meaning, with each subject I render a unique message. I am an artist of substance. As my audience grows so does their understanding that I am committed to creativity and expression thru watercolors first and other mediums as the mood carries me."



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