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2020 Artist: Scott Obemberger

Carved "Globe" Vases, by Scott Obernberger of Twice Baked Pottery, LLC . Wheel-thrown stoneware vases, hand carved in a "river-rock" pattern, various glazes. Scott joins the Waukee Arts Festival for the first time this year and will be bringing his works from Racine, WI. Scott has been working with clay for more than ten years. Initially just a hobby to escape from the grind of the "day job", Scott has found his calling and is enjoying the next chapter of life -- transforming what was a hobby into a profession. "Having practiced law for more than 18 years, the transition to potter may appear anything other than a natural fit. My focus for the first half of my life had always been in areas where I used my analytical skills -- from being a Politics major at The Catholic University of America to representing thousands of clients in court and running my own litigation practice in Milwaukee. Taking up pottery as a hobbyist was an incredible change in how I both thought and saw the world. Art opens your mind and lets you see things that we miss in everyday life. Art creates possibilities we don't always see or that we take for granted." If you want to see Scott in action throwing works in his studio, take some time to check out the videos at


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