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Featured Artist: Paul Marlow

We are pleased to announce our featured artist for the 2018 Waukee Arts Festival.

Paul Marlow is an award-winning artist, filmmaker, art director and photographer. Having been raised in the rolling hills of Eastern Iowa, the grain towers, golden light and expansive horizons of his childhood have greatly shaped and defined his aesthetic. Marlow’s work often depicts moments of quiet isolation; and behind his pictures there is often a backstory layered with content that is very personal.

Marlow earned a BFA from the University of Northern Iowa in 1988. There he learned about art history and aesthetics, as well a classical approach to the materials and techniques of painting and design. Paul has a 30-year career in commercial art as a designer and creative director. He lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with his wife Theresa, daughter Betsy and dog Harley.

Paul had his debut in exhibitions at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, and Black Earth Gallery in 2015. In 2017, he was awarded 2nd place in oil painting at the Iowa State Fair Fine Arts Salon, and 3rd place at the NewBo Art Festival in Cedar Rapids.

In Paul's own words:

"I love to paint what profoundly moves me. To make a single moment eternal—that is my goal.

My work is rooted in the tradition of American Realism. Architecture, urban alienation and solitude are predominant themes in my recent paintings.

I am motivated to capture moments in time that we never actually see. To me, art is a way of remembering—not just a physical space, but my thoughts, feelings and emotions at that moment.

My recent work has been influenced by travel to Austria, Germany, Spain, Florida, Iceland, Los Angeles and New York."

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