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Artist: Rosemary Craig

We would like to welcome another new artist, Rosemary Craig of Cedar Rapids.

"My style of painting (often referred to as action painting) involves pouring, dripping, throwing, etc. the paint onto a canvas lying flat. Since my work in acrylics is born of many years working with watercolors, my pieces can sometimes resemble a watercolor, with unpainted portions of the canvas or negative space. My work is very spontaneous and I purposefully allow the paint to drip down the side of the canvas. I enjoy the way the texture of the canvas influences the flow or texture of the paint as it dries, as it would with watercolor paper. Even though I paint abstracts, I continue to find all my inspiration in and from nature. There are many things in life that move us. It can be something as natural & simple as the sound of wind blowing through trees or as manmade & complex as political views. I prefer the natural, as the manmade oftentimes frustrates me or worse."


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